We Believe in Providing Vital Health Support to our Military & Veterans

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

$750,000 Granted
to Support our Military & Veterans 

Meet Our Supporters

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Help Us Revolutionize Health Care!

For over 13 years, The Spine Project has worked hard to deliver a new kind of healthcare. By addressing the problems in current care systems, we offer solutions, including complimentary healthcare, that can be achieved with your help.

Our volunteer doctors are the first step to these lifelong changes that deliver an improved and even heightened outlook on life which heals the body, restores health, reduces pain, and promotes joy. This enables a healthier community. Improved mental, physical, and social states allow these service individuals an easier integration back into everyday living that the rest of the population takes for granted. They become upstanding community members and have the confidence to know they can be a role model to others who are struggling.

Where will your donation go?
All donations take us one step closer to impacting the lives of our Veterans and Soldiers, offering complimentary healthcare. 

Every dollar raised stays local and directly impacts our service individuals and will help us continue our important work with you by our side. Together, we can do this!