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Meet the Hartman Family


Hi, we are the Hartmans!

My husband Chandler has been in the army national guard for 8 years. He is an Information Technology Specialist. He absolutely loves what he gets to do.

When I was about 5 months pregnant I heard from a friend about Wyss Family Clinic, at the time

I was having a lot of pain while walking or even changing into my clothes everyday and I thought that was normal for pregnancy since this was my first. I decided to check out Wyss Family clinic and met Dr Skip. At my first appointment with him he could tell exactly where I had pain in my body and how bad it was by just evaluating my spine, and I hadn’t even told him how much pain i was in.

Words I will never forget from him were, “I’m here to help you.” I went to see Dr Skip once a week all the way up until we had our sweet baby girl. Once we had her I knew how important it was to have her get adjusted too so I started to take her with me each week.

She’s 8 months now and has never had constipation, she sleeps well at night, she only cries when she wants something and she is just the happiest, healthiest baby ever and I truly believe it’s from her chiropractic care. I convinced my husband to start getting adjusted when he randomly one day had a ringing in his ear that wouldn’t go away, he was nauseous and felt like he had really bad vertigo. After his first visit with Dr Skip he said his vertigo was gone and he felt so much better.

Since then he has seen some drastic changes in his health and wellness and the same goes for all of us. We truly understand how important it is to take care of your body and get adjusted regularly and our lives honestly wouldn’t be the same without Wyss Family Clinic. We are grateful for people who donate to the Spine Project that allow our family to get the care that we enjoy and love. We can’t thank you enough for your support and hearts to give back to families like ours, it truly means the world to us and we are blessed. Thank you so much!

Meet the Christianson Family


Roughly 4 months ago, I started down the path of getting my health back on track. It was at this time I went for my first consultation at Wyss Chiropractic. As a Marine, I have always been slow to go to doctors for any help. I had been suffering from chronic neck and back pain. The neck pain started early on in my military career and progressively got worse. The pain in my lower back has been something that has slowly come on in the last few years. I thought for sure this was going to be something I would have to live with the rest of my life.

It was at this time my wife recommended I go to Wyss Chiropractic. She had been going there for a few months before me. I had always been skeptical about Chiropractors and was slow to go. I finally went for my first consultation and was brutally honest with the fact that I was skeptical and would not want to be put on a program I knew I could not afford. This is when Dr. Skip introduced me to the Spine Project. It was because of this project that I gave chiropractic care a chance.Ever since I signed up for the project, I have zero regrets. In fact in the first month, I noticed quickly that my neck had less pain and a greater range of motion. I also had stopped running because of my lower back pain and have recently started this back up again.

Being part of the Spine Project has been the best thing that I could have done for my overall health. Without the Spine Project, I would never have pursued this level of care and still would be struggling with chronic pain.

As a veteran, words cannot express my appreciation I have for Wyss Chiropractic and the Spine Project. The program is an ultimate way to give back to those that have served and for that I am forever grateful.

Matt Christianson  

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