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Inspired by the many brave and selfless soldiers that have given everything for our country and our service men and women who continue to serve our community, The Spine Project is our way of providing corrective chiropractic care for the under-served populations; our veterans, kids and their families.


The Spine Project has  provided FREE Chiropractic Care for over 10 years to Veterans

Volunteer Opportunities

One of our main focuses here at The Spine Project is giving of our time, talent and services; a cause that touches many lives, particularly those in the greater Green Bay area. We spend a significant portion of our resources, both time and money, on tackling this problem.

Annually we host a Corn Hole Tournament as our main fundraising  and are always looking for more support!

We are always striving to serve more and can always benefit from additional  support. See how you can help by contacting one of our representatives at: spineprojectnp@gmail.com.

Education & Resources 


For more than a DECADE Dr. Skip and Dr. Julie Wyss have donated their time, service and dedication to selflessly serving our local veterans and active military. To be able to expand this mission and serve more of our community and active service men and women, they founded the Not-for-profit charity,The Spine Project.

Future growth supports our organization to be able to serve our patriots in active duty on our Nations military on bases. 

We’ve dedicated many hours and invested countless resources to this charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. 

Sponsor A Family 

We have a vision of a gift card donation tree. For a $ donation you can pick a gift card from the tree; in hopes of raising more money to sponsor another veteran family in our community. 
But, We Need Gift Cards! 
When you're out and about consider adding a card or certificate to your cart as a donation to the spine project!
Together we are serving our community with your help! On behalf of the soldiers and The Spine Project, Thank you!


The Spine Project

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(920) 468-4199


2031 S Webster Ave Green Bay Wisconsin 54301


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